Julia's Bedtime Stories

Date: 13th Sep 2018 @ 9:25pm

Week 1

This week we started our topic Julia’s Bedtime Stories. We began with the story of George, The Smartest Giant in Town. George transforms from the scruffiest, to the smartest, to the kindest giant in town.

Here are some of the activities we have done after reading the story.

To help smarten George up, all of the children designed a smart new tie using different materials and colours. We also labelled George’s smart new clothes and thought of some amazing describing words for them.

In the story, George gives his shoe to a tiny mouse to use as a house. So in our forest school session we decided to make our own mouse house. Some children went so far as to make a whole mouse city – equipped with swimming pool, school, and playground area!

Later on in the story, George gives his shirt to a goat to use as a sail for a boat. But is a shirt the best choice for a sail? We decided to investigate by making our own sails – children used paper towels, feathers, cereal boxes and paper to see which material would make a good sail.

Next week our story will be Stickman. Feel free to read it with your child before next week. It’s a great story to enjoy as a family.


Week 2

This week our story was Stick Man. The children loved learning about Stick Man’s adventures away from the family tree.

We made a story map showing all of the different places Stick Man visits. We made our own stick people with natural materials. We measured and compared sticks using cubes. In our water tray, we explored why Stick Man floated and what other things float. In our sand tray we tried to make our own sandcastle with masts and flags. Lastly, some of us made Missing Person posters, and we all wrote a letter to our Stick Lady love and our Stick children three describing the beach we had been washed up on.

Unfortunately, because of the weather, we were unable to do our forest school session which would have been building a nest for a swan and exploring what a 'good' nest would look like. If you would like to get involved at home, you could have a go at this and let us know how you got on.

Week 3/4

It's been a fantastic couple of weeks doing all things Gruffalo. Our trip to the Brindley was a big success, the children loved seeing the story come to life on stage; they were literally bouncing up and down in their seats with excitement!

I've posted more pictures of some of the fun things we have been doing, including - Gruffalo collage, Graffalo tea making (gloop), designing and making Gruffalo toys, exploring shadows, desriptve writing, and exploring habitats. 


Week 5

This week we have been on the hunt for the Highway Rat! After receiving a letter from a distressed owl asking for our help to stop the beastly thief, we had to help. The children decided that we needed to catch the thief so they designed traps and headed off into the meadow to try to catch him. Sadly, we didn't catch him, but our traps had been disturbed. Who had eaten the fruit from our traps? What lives in our meadow?  Back in the classroom the children were still super excited about the prospect of catching the rat thief, so they set about making wanted posters to put up around the school. Their work was amazing! This has probably been our most fun week to date. Keep an eye out around your home for the Highway Rat wink


As always, please browse through the pictures below. Next week we're under the sea with Tiddler.

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