WOODEND COURT - Moorfield Road

Every Friday, during the afternoon, 8 of our pupils (year 6) and 2 of our staff visit Woodend Court, on Moorfield Road in Widnes, to spend time with the residents who live there.  The residents are invited down to the communal lounge area each week to share a cuppa, have a chat or even play some games.  This venture is proving to be beneficial for both the young people and older people who are spending time in each others company.

The children are learning about many different things, including dementia.  Dementia takes many different forms, is a growing problem and affects many families.  Our children have great empathy.  We would like to know more about it, including how we may become a dementia-friendly organisation.

Natalie Baker, parent of Jack, Year 6, commented, " I have to completely commend St. John Fisher Primary School for taking Jack and a few of his friends to Woodend Court today.  Jack loved it, he has been telling me about one lady who is about to spend Christmas alone without her husband for the first time this year.  He said that she cried but by the end of the afternoon she was laughing.  What a fantastic idea to visit once a week!" 

The comment below is from one of our children who has already taken part:

"At first I felt excited and a little bit scared...but once I had been I felt much better.  I met a lady called Jill, who had tried to start a knitting club at Woodend Court and no-one joined her.  So we decided that we would learn to knit with Jill.  She told us all about her decorated flat that was all ready for Christmas!  I can't wait to go again, Jill seemed lonely and I want to help."  Jess, Year 6.

Knitting Club has begun and the relationship between 'Jill' and the children is beautiful to see.  

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