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Pupils in our Reception class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is statutory for all children from birth to five years. The curriculum is play-based and we offer access to a stimulating learning environment both indoors and outdoors. Our pupils learning is planned following their interests or common themes such as the seasons, festivals and local, national or global events. Pupils access a range of learning activities across the prime areas of learning and are assessed at the end of the year against the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. We encourage children to be confident learners who are willing to have a go and take risks.


Since September 2014 all primary schools have been required to deliver a new national curriculum with amended content for all subjects. Changes were made to the required content in year groups particularly in English and Maths. Schools were also encouraged to include their own content and skills which are to reflect their location and their community. The staff and pupils have worked through the new curriculum and we know that it delivers the statutory requirements and also includes some knowledge, skills and experiences that are particular to this school. The curriculum document shows what we are required to cover over each Key Stage and the class pages will each have their own coverage drawn from it. Further information and details of what each year group are learning about can be found on their class page.


In Key Stage Two there is a much more demanding expectation of the teaching of a modern foreign language: in our school we teach Spanish to all pupils in Key Stage 2. The document shows what we are required to cover in Key Stage 2 and each class page will have different areas allocated to it. Further details of what the individual class are learning about can be found on the class page


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